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Our extensive local expertise and industry knowledge provides clients with a custom tailored, full-service experience to locate, design, and build the home of their dreams.


1. Review Buyer Needs

We meet with clients to discuss and determine their most important needs. Ocean views? Privacy? Any special custom design requests? After a careful review, the search process begins.

2. Market Analysis

We search the development opportunities available on the market, and even some that are not listed yet. We tour and assess the best opportunities available and help our clients with determining their best fit.

3. Site Acquisition

We successfully negotiate and acquire properties for sale in Hawaii's highly competitive real estate market, typically competing against multiple offers.

4. Financing

We assist clients with financing both the purchase of the property and construction costs.

5. Design

In partnership with K.O. Builders, we design custom plans based on the needs and specifications of our clients.

6. Construction

K.O. Builders begins the construction process. We keep clients updated on the progress and address any development needs along the way.

7. Move In

Clients move into their new luxury home!

3033 E Manoa Rd

Honolulu, HI

3033 E Manoa-before_after.jpg

1035 Makaiwa St

Kahala HI

1035 Makaiwa-before_after.jpg

745 Hunakai

Honolulu, HI

before_after Hunakai.jpg

4709 Moa St

Honolulu, HI

5322 Manauwea St

Honolulu, HI


3555 Pinao St

Honolulu, HI


3308 Pakanu St

Honolulu, HI


5451 Opihi St

Honolulu, HI


3545 Kahawalu Dr

Honolulu, HI


1138 Waianiani Pl

Honolulu, HI

before_after waianiani.jpg
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